June 6, 2023

Football Fever – football tipster in decline

About Football Fever

Football Fever is a football tipster at the Tipster Street platform in since May 2015. He’s been showing a slight profit since then, but everything points at him losing his edge lately.

Emails are sent out every day with simple to follow tips, usually win, over or a combination of the two in the biggest markets available so there shouldn’t be an issue following the bets or getting the quoted odds.

The service is priced at just £10 a month, which is obviously very cheap compared to other services. The first 28 days is also just £2.

Football is notorious for being difficult to make consistent profits. Anything over a 4% return on investment (ROI) is considered good and Pro Tipster Football Fever produces a steady 8% ROI (correct at Jan 17′). Football Fever is component in all leagues around the world with a high win strike rate. In his time with us Football Fever has steadily made profits for members and is one of a very few tipsters who makes profits from this area of sports tipping.

Tipster Street


The following graph is based on bets tracked using Bettin.gs since June 2015.


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