March 30, 2023

Scottish Football Tips Free

These tips are provided to all members of Smart Betting Club.

In their own words

I produce tissue prices every week for all matches in the top four divisions of Scotland. The process involved in the output of my prices involves the following;

I collate in game performance stats across all four divisions which I apply to a matrix and using an algorithm it outputs a defence and attack rating for each team. I then use these to create an attack/defence differential for each team which forms the first part of my team ratings.

Having collated squad lists for each side in the top four divisions with a rating applied to each squad member I then add a squad rating and preferred 11 rating to the team ratings. The player ratings come from a number of influences e.g. personal opinion, player experience, transfermarkt ratings, football manager ratings, fan reviews, trusted sources etc.

Finally league points are added to the rating to come up with the complete team rating which I then use to output probability factors for each head to head.

I keep track of ratings throughout the season via a form graph which allows me to get a detailed insight into current form which of course is an influence.

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