June 6, 2023

The Football Guru – daily tips with a long term winning record

About Football Guru

The Football Guru is a football tipster on the Tipping Guru‘s network. He was previously part of the Betting Gods network.

Long running football services that remain profitable aren’t easy to find, but this seems to be one of them, even if the profits have seemed to decline lately.

All bets are provided the night before the game and there will be tips on most days. A starting bank of 150 pts is recommended in order to ride through the inevitable drawdowns.

The Football Guru is a professional football tipster that has been operating for over 3 years and whose mission is to offer the best football tips daily.

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The results shown below are powered by Bettin.gs. It shows the stats based on every tracked bet since November 2015. To see all bets, use the link at the bottom of the post.


Long term profit, but seems to be on the decline


An ROI of +3.7% since 2015 and over 6000 bets to back it up are good numbers. Few football tipsters can match that. The average stake for each bet is 1.8 and the average odds is 5.4. With a strike rate of 37.6% there will be losing runs as you understand and maybe what we’ve seen lately is a period of that.

The fact is that since its’ peak in May 2018, it’s been going downhill. If that’s a temporary hickup or if the edge is gone remains to be seen, but the trend is worrying.

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  • Very strong track record
  • Solid numbers since 2015


  • Worrying trend. Is the edge still there?
  • History of changing tipster networks adds to the doubts
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  • Easy to follow
  • Odds availability
  • Price
  • Results