June 6, 2023

The Wizard of Big Odds – high odds, big winners

About The Wizard of Big Odds

The Wizard of Big Odds is a horse racing tipster on the Tipsters Empire’s network.

Run by a former bookmaker and horse owner, the service is available to follow for people with the patience to wait for the big winners. With an average odds of 14.7, it’s perhaps not for the rookie looking for the first tipster to follow.

There are both win bets and each-way bets advised and the tips are sent out at the same time each day. The tips are sent via text messages, containing a link to the website where you can login and check the tips.

The Wizard of Big Odds sailed through our stringent trial process with the best results that we have ever had. During his trial, he made 128 points profit with a phenomenal return on investment of 67%. Bringing him on board at Tipsters Empire was quite possibly the easiest decision that we have ever made.

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The results shown below are powered by Bettin.gs. It shows the stats based on every tracked bet since July 2018. To see all bets, please use the link at the bottom of the post.


Big odds horse racing tipster


With a strike rate of 13.5% it’s not for the impatient follower, but if you can take long runs waiting for the next winner, this service could make you money.

An ROI of 32% based on advised prices means a 289% ROC since July 2018. That’s based on a 150 pts starting bank, which might feel small considering the odds so the defensive follower might want to make that a little bigger.

Most bets are on the higher end, so it might be easier to use bookmakers, but exchanges should work fine.

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  • Easy to follow
  • Odds availability
  • Price
  • Results


  • Huge ROI from 1300+ bets
  • Consistent service, despite high odds


  • A big portion of patience needed to manage downturns
  • Advised prices might be hard to get on
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User Review
  • Easy to follow
  • Odds availability
  • Price
  • Results

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